My Role

As UX Product Manager for Ecommerce at West Marine I managed the return on investment (ROI) for the web site and Combine these websites generate approximately $100M in revenue and host over 100K unique visitors per day. I was constantly looking for new ways to delight and excite West Marine online customers.

In May of 2019 we rolled out a new feature that would allow customers to pick up an online order in the store. I played a large role in understanding the underlying problem statement, outlining the work required to solve that problem, and guide the team towards implementing the solution under a very tight deadline. These pick-up in store capabilities were still in pilot (launched only in 9 out of 250+ stores) when I left but already responsible for over $50K+ in sales

I was on the Quality of Work Life team and I worked to come up with ideas and events to make the office a more enjoyable workplace for the marketing group.

I acted as Jira and Confluence administrator. Since joining the team in Jan of 2019, I took the backlog of over 2000 items down to just over 500. I implemented the use of epics and created a custom workflow to increase accountability for the team and stakeholders. I organized the epics into themes which could be role up in manageable and presentable piece of work to obtain upper management approval. I defined processes and procedures that increased the overall efficiency and productivity of the developers and the UX team as a whole.

Some of My Duties Include:

  • Build and deliver a data-driven, long-term vision for West Marine’s website
  • Develop product roadmaps for West Marine’s experiences by meeting with business and technical stakeholders to identify and prioritize features that maximize business value
  • Prioritize team work based on return on investment, customer satisfaction, product performance, short/long term impact and overall strategic company goals
  • Deliver analysis of reported metrics to ensure informed decision making and the business health of respective areas of focus
  • Effectively translate business strategies into product specifications that deliver against our core customer value propositions, company strategic and financial goals
  • Make decisions impacting product delivery such as go/no go feature releases and/or scope trade-offs as required during the product lifecycle
  • Manage the development, production and testing of digital products
  • Conduct A/B tests to determine the effectiveness of new features
  • Analyze and provide reporting metrics to inform leadership of website growth to include growing metrics on conversion and site visits
  • Create and review product backlog to ensure highest priorities are addressed in a timely manner
  • Understand maintenance, performance, UI and UX best practices to ensure a superior user experience is delivered
  • Understand development and release processes, assist in release management, branch deployment schedule, etc

What Some of My Co-Workers Say About Me:

"Your greatest strengths are your keep-going, roll-with-the-punches but don’t-stop-working mentality and your willingness and ability to adapt the product to get it approved. These combined with your insight into individual manifestations of human nature allow you to accurately communicate the team’s desires, shape them into concrete action items that are palatable to stakeholders, then clear the way for development by securing buy-in and knocking out roadblocks in an organized but passionate campaign."

       -- UX Designer, feedback provided during a 360 review I initiated at my 90 mark