My Role

As the Product Manager of CommandCentral Jail I was responsible for building Motorola's cloud based jail product from the ground up while still maintaining three legacy products: Spillman Flex Jail, OffenderTrak, and PremierOne Jail.

As the company launched their new initiative to move to the cloud and form a Software as a Solution (SaaS) model, I was responsible for creating and delivering the message to Motorola's existing customer base. I also provided support to our sales team to gain new business.

During my time at Motorola I was featured on the website as recognition for my military service. I was awarded to Moment Awards, which are earned from receiving 5 "High Fives" from peers for positive contribution.

I belonged to several of the Motorola's business counsels and co-headed the Women of the West group for Utah. I severed on a short term "culture crew" to help with the transition of the Spillman acquisition.

I independently stood up and managed a customer feedback portal to create a platform for customers to deliver continuous feedback to the UX research and designs team.

Some of My Duties Include:

  • Present the vision and goals
  • Create and manage the product road map
  • Constantly communicate between development team and business stakeholders
  • Maintain product backlog, updating priorities through technical feedback
  • Communicate status and forecast of release content and schedule to stakeholders, using product backlog and marketing resources
  • Write user stories and scenarios, as required by market problems and development team
  • Participate in daily stand-ups, sprint planning, demonstration, and retrospective meetings
  • Participate in quarterly planning meeting to determine upcoming projects
  • Understand and deliver products with market value
  • Determine ROI for new projects and products
  • Validate requirements and designs with all involved stakeholders
  • Represent the product when assisting customers who are beta/pilot testing pre-released software
  • Present at for users at conferences and user groups

What Some of My Co-Workers Say About Me:

Micky is one of the best Product Managers I have had the pleasure to work with. She is able to find the balance of satisfying the needs of the customers with the production ability of the development team. She is a forward thinker, communicates effectively and very dependable. She is constantly looking ahead for the future sprints and releases and compares that against the work being actively completed. It has been my pleasure to work alongside Micky and I look forward to working with her again should our paths cross again.

-- Ted, Scrum Master; review can be found on LinkedIn

I've had to pleasure to work with Micky for the past year and a half, first as her hiring manager then as her colleague. Over the last 18 months I have seen her grow and excel as a Product Manager for our Jail management software. She stepped into a role for which she was eminently qualified and has developed it far past my expectations. She has been the guiding hand as her product has begun the transformation to a cloud-based offering.

While she has been focused on the mastery of her product, she has also played an influential role in our adoption of Motorola Solutions' culture, serving on numerous committees such as the LGBT, Veterans, and Women's Business Councils. Her contributions to these groups have been felt throughout our organization.

Combine these achievements with Micky's relentless drive to improve and you have an employee who would be highly valuable to any organization. I have never second-guessed my decision to hire her, and would not waver at working with her again.

-- Nick, Manager; review can be found on LinkedIn

Above and Beyond

Participated and lead the Utah site in a volunteer event partnering with the American Red Cross to help build maps in remote areas to assist first responders during emergencies.


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