I served a total of 8 years in the military. I started in October of 2009 and left in May of 2017. I served 4 years in active duty and 4 in the Utah National Guard. I was an Cryptological Arabic Linguist the entire 8 years. I started with a rand of E4  or a Specialist (I had already earned my undergraduate at the time I joined) and left as an E6 or a Staff Sergeant. I was never deployed in my entire 8 years, but I served overseas in Germany for 2 years. Being able to travel the world gave me a plethora of new perspectives and a variety of experiences.

Although my military occupational specialty (MOS) never changed, I held a variety of positions:


NCOIC S3 Stands for non-commissioned officer in charge, S3 is the military designations for the Operations Department. I received an award for my work here. More on this below.

Master Resiliency Trainer

I was received special training to act as my Company's Master Resiliency Trainer. I created the presented the training each drill weekend.


I was a leader of soldiers and of civilians. I attended several leadership trainings and was commended for my ability to encourage others

My 4 Years in the Utah Guard

As a member of the National Guard I conducted drill exercises one weekend a month and participated in annual training. I volunteered for many opportunities and conducted missions both locally and in Georgia. My last year in the Utah National Guard I was on orders for 3 months out of the year.

This position required:

  • Language maintenance - Modern Standard Arabic
  • Thorough understanding of Middle Eastern culture
  • A TS/SCI Security Clearance
  • Knowledge of a wide range of telecommunication theories, concepts, principles, practices, procedures and operational requirements.
  • Maintenance of physical standards.
  • Acted as Master Resiliency Trainer (MRT) for the unit
  • Served on leadership counsel
  • Served as Energy Conservation Officer

Duties include:

  • Translating and interpreting Arabic
  • Planning, preparing and presenting briefings and trainings to peers and superiors
  • Organizing and conducting training on operational and performance characteristics of telecommunications and radio equipment, systems, and services and transmission media.
  • Assisting in the set up or use of PBX TDM/IP systems, video and audio teleconferencing, paging and wireless communication services.
  • Conducting mandatory training on SHARP, EEO and Suicide Prevention.
  • Plan and present unit training on resilience and troop readiness
  • Help plan drill activities and mentor junior soldiers

My 4 Year in Active Duty.

I held many positions while I served my time on active duty. At my first duty station I served as a collections operator, transcription supervisor and the NCOIC of Operations for the S3 shop.
During my work in the S3 shop I gained a significant understanding of the inner workings of the Battalion and it's units. I have gained experience and training in the overall principles of organization, management, and administration. I was able to expand on my use of computers and automated systems. My main responsibilities include receiving tasks from the Battalion level and disseminating/delegating the tasks to the company level as well as coordinating the movement of personnel for training and deployments. Other responsibilities include: compiling reports, letters, and memoranda; developing administrative procedures; conducting meetings and other person-to-person contacts to convey information and other management related practices. While working in this shop I was also responsible for two junior soldiers.

Prior to working in the S3 Operations shop I was part of a task force. Here I gained experience working with diverse individuals, groups and organizations, and in composing written reports and material clearly, concisely and effectively. I worked with a variety of equipment and software, was constantly required to learn new skills quickly, react in a timely fashion under pressure and give presentations and daily briefs to commanding officers. I also held a supervisor position. I managed between 17-20 civilian translators and 6-9 linguist soldiers.

Before joining my unit I graduated with high marks from my Advanced Individual Training and I studied at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA. I believe this demonstrates my ability to learn new skills quickly and act professionally under significant pressure and stress.

Want to Know More?

Contact me for an interview. I love to share stories about my experiences and lessons I have learned.