Willis Towers Watson - Product Owner  Aug 2015-Aug 2017

As a Product Owner, I defined and prioritized the work of one or more development teams by aligning feature and product requests with business value. Acted as the voice of the customer, stakeholder and end user in product development decisions for internal tools and our external website for health insurance. Provided the final release approval upon development and quality assurance meeting feature acceptance criteria.

Responsibilities include:
• Groom the backlog of competing requests by evaluating the business value of each, and prioritizing development team work.
• Understand the end user and ensure customer needs are captured in the user stories (and use cases) that drive the work of a development team.
• Accountable for managing a development team’s product backlog, sequencing into sprints, and ensuring that the development team is working on requests in the right order.
• Interact side by side with customers and stakeholders, finding what problems they deal with on a day to day basis.
• Document customer needs in the form of user stories, and work with development teams devising innovative solutions that solve customer and stakeholder problems.
• Ensure that prioritized solutions are delivered in a timely manner and within budget.
• Strategize with product management and stakeholders on issues related to product requests, vision and overall business value.
• Assist product owners and other team members in developing solution delivery best practices.